About Vivante

At Vivante, we offer personalized weight-loss and healthy eating programs based on your life style, and goals. Our programs are backed by certified training and experience. Our clients are real people with real lives, getting real results! Our caring team builds motivation and accountability, leading to a total weight loss and health transformation. We offer a full spectrum of options for personalized 30/60/90 day weight loss We know the importance of having someone in your corner during your transformation journey.

Losing weight is just the beginning though! We separate ourselves through a total life transformation weight loss program. Our services strive to provide clients with vibrant, balanced, and healthy lifestyles they desire. We provide expert Certified Health Coaching and Nutrition counseling to promote safe, healthy and effective weight loss and weight management. We want you to look better and feel healthier as quickly as possible while delivering options and getting results.

We’re located at:

6911 Taylor Ranch Rd NW Suite C8

Albuquerque NM, 87210

Phone: (505) 433-2674

Email: Vivante@vivanteweightloss.com

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