Our 30-60 Day Transformation Weight Loss Program

Our Client Review:

Client Review:

Vivante Weight Loss is the best, most organized and simple plan I have ever tried. Kathy and Tammy have created a positive, comfortable, relaxed atmosphere in the clinic. I felt welcome and comfortable the first day I started. My primary care doctor also gave me the ” green light “to proceed with this program and was actually very encouraging. As a health care professional myself I wanted a weight loss program that fit my needs and helped me feel better faster. This program has gone way beyond my expectations. I will continue with this program even after reaching my goal. The clinic has so many other features that help me stay healthy and energetic safely. I’m so grateful for this program and to Kathy and Tammy for the continual support they give me.

Total Approach To Weight Loss

Our 30-60 Day program focuses on:

Weight Loss

Nutrition Education

Exercise Programs

Weight Management

Stress Management


..and more

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