A Story of Commitment and Faith


High in the mountains of northern New Mexico lies a beautiful glacial lake. The scenery is beautiful, life is bountiful but the path to get there is difficult. The climb to the lake goes up a steep, exposed ridge through boulders and loose stones. It’s a difficult climb and many have failed to complete the journey. Many times in the past, I’d often thought, ‘it’s too hard….I don’t think I can do it’. But this time, I decided to make the attempt.


At the beginning of the climb, however, there is a brook—a spring that seeps out of soft, mossy earth and flows through a lush meadow. It’s a quiet place to drink deeply and prepare for the hard climb ahead.

The spring brings life and energy to wildlife that live in the area. Local wildlife such as Oryx, Mule Deer and Mountain Goats drink from the spring to make the journey to the green pastures at the glacial lake. They learned that in order to make the journey, they must fill themselves with support. The spring that supports their journey is symbolic, ‘Bring me your weak, weary, helpless, fearful and doubting…I will give you the strength and energy to make the journey. I will help you rise, achieve and succeed.’


The travelers along this route commit themselves to the hard journey because they know what lies ahead…greener pastures and life by rising above the difficulty in front of them. As I took that first leap of faith and commit to my journey, more friends…many I hadn’t known came along and asked ‘Can I help you on this difficult journey?’


This story is symbolic because it represents how many feel when beginning a difficult journey. But like me, they find new friends along the way…with the same goals to support them.


Perhaps the difficult mountain you face may be a serious medical diagnosis, may be it is your weight. Or maybe it’s within yourself wellness. Whatever the case, the challenge may seem more than you can endure. But know this, you WILL find friends that want to help you.


Before you face your next difficult journey, find a spring to support your total health and wellness. Come with all your weakness, weariness, helplessness, fear, and doubt. Then drink deeply, find power, strength, and wisdom. We understand your circumstances and are committed to support, comfort, spiritual strengthening and consolation. The journey is easier with a friend.



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