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Thinking About Weight Loss?

Vivante is supported by 23 years of health and supervised weight management experience.

Vivante Weight Loss And Health is Albuquerque’s Premier Health And Wellness Center.We understand the stress of trying to lose extra pounds and the impact it has on your life. We call it a diet, but let’s face it…diets don’t work. You need a lifestyle change because you don’t want to do it again. We don’t want you to either.

Why choose a Health Coach?

Have you heard of a Health Coach? They’re popping up everywhere. Certified Health Coaches are Institutionally trained by experts in Weight Loss, Health, Wellness and Fitness. We’re trained on 100+ weight loss theories and we stay educated not only on the latest ‘fads’, but real nutritional, health and wellness literature from the experts.  So why pick a Health Coach versus a ‘Weigh Loss Consultant’ or ‘Health Consultant’?

Want to learn more?

Our introduction consultations are free and are scheduled hourly so we can answer all of your questions. Our program consultations are scheduled for 30 minutes, however your results are our priority.

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Our Healthy Weight Loss Programs

Vivante Weight Loss Clinic Offers 30, 60 and 90 Day Transformation Weight Loss Programs.

Why Vivante?

Our Natural Healthy Eating Weight Loss Programs Are Developed By Expert Health Coaches and Nutritionists To Focus On Health, Wellness And Nutrition For Dramatic And Lasting Weight-Loss.

Our Medical Weight Loss Program

Your Health Is Our #1 Priority

Sometimes We Need A Little Extra Help With Weight Loss

Our Medical Program Is Supplement Based and Prescribed

 Modeled With Expert Health Coach And Nutrition Advice

So You Know it’s Safe And Healthy

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